Watering Cans & Planters

Watering cans in red, green and black

Among the most enduring and popular examples of ‘Carishei Canal Art‘ are the watering cans… I’m not sure how many are actually used for watering as clearly many have put to excellent use as decorative planters…

“new items deliberately reflecting traditional style”
Contemporary watering cans purchased in 2017
A contemporary watering can purchased in 2017 then decorated in the traditional style ~ available here

While mostly ‘Carishei’ up-cycles vintage and antique objects, occasionally we find retro styled new items reflecting the charm of bygone days. Watering cans are a great examples of this where new items deliberately reflecting traditional style.

Starting out as identical, each are painted in an individual canalware style…

“what are the odds of that?”
Contemporary watering can
First of two cans sold in the same week

A while back two other contemporary cans sold in the same week. A few days later I was contacted by one buyer asking to return the item for a refund!

It turns out that the other buyer and her shared the same friend in London who’s birthday was looming.  Inadvertently they’d both purchased the similar items independently of each other in the

Contemporary Watering Can
The second of two cans sold in the same week

same week. They were the last two available! What are the odds against that? Whatever the odds are I was astonished by the co-incidence.

One was returned by the equally astonished buyer who’s review is show below…

“watering cans in all shapes and sizes”
image of large watering cans
Large galvanized watering can hand-painted by Carishei ~ Sold

Steel watering cans can be extremely old and do stand the test of time because in most case they are galvanized. Galvanizing is a steel treatment which is very robust and rust resistant.

This treatment in manufacture also means they make fantastic planters for even outdoor use. However, we do recommend they are brought in during the winter to protect the paint finish from the hardest of frosts. For greater protection in this use a hole should be cut into the base for drainage.

Miniature red decorative watering can
Miniature red decorative watering can ~ Available

From the largest of watering cans to the smallest ornaments. The small examples are made of pottery and intended as purely decorative. They often have larger openings giving them a practical use as nik-nak storage too.

“a choice of three base colours”
Watering cans in red, green and black
Three vintage watering cans of the same style and similar designs ~ All three now sold.

At the time of writing this, due to a fortunate discovery I have three watering cans of this style. With this variety buyers can have a choice of three base colours. I’ve also given them a similar style of decoration. The red can could not have red roses though because of the clash so just white and yellow.

I did have one on-sale already and another refurbished ready for painting when I found a third at the back of the “project shed”

Any questions or comments? Please use the box below and I’ll try to answer as soon as possible…

Etsy Reviews:

Gail on 12 Feb, 2018 – This classic style watering can has lovely lines & looks great with this beautiful paintwork & durable finish, making it both attractive & functional. Bought as a gift, the recipient is bound to be delighted.

Tonya on 27 Dec, 2017 – Love this, I gave it as a gift but I want one myself now. Top quality work and shipped very promptly.


Charlotte on 09 Sep, 2017 – Great item can’t wait to give it as gift. Fast delivery and great quality. Would definitely recommend


Hand-Painted Traditional Canal Art ~ Small Ornamental Watering Can or PlanterSally on 20 Dec, 2015 – Loved this bought it for a friend for a Christmas present and it went down an absolute treat she loved it! Thank you very much, arrived as described and great communication with the seller thanks again x

Hand-Painted Traditional Canal Art ~ Small Watering Can or Vase / PlanterRosie on 30 Sep, 2015 – Absolutely beautiful watering can bought as a gift. So lovely in fact the birthday girl got two almost identical ones! Great communication from the seller and so helpful!!

RESERVED FOR CATHY ~ Hand-Painted Traditional Canal Art ~ Large 1 and Half Gallon Steel Watering Can or PlanterCathy on 31 Mar, 2015 – Everything was absolutely perfect… The piece truly is a work of art… I love it… Arrived in perfect condition from the UK.. I will be back to purchase more… The best customer service ever !!!

Hand-Painted Traditional Canal Art ~ Small Watering Can or Vase / PlanterPiers on 09 Dec, 2014 – Great product lovingly made, thanks

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