24cm Metal Wall Clocks with Quartz Movement

Green Canalware Clock
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Hand-painted 24 cm enameled steel “Pie Dish” wall clocks by Carishei ~ Sold

Made from brand new materials, these wall clocks are not only decorative but of course simultaneously serve a practical purpose too.

The perfect gift for any narrowboat owner or enthusiast they’ll add a delightful splash of colour to any cabin or home.

Initially these wall clocks were our only products for sale online. They were back then only available via Amazon. They still have a listing ‘Carishei Canal Art’ Limited edition hand-painted 24cm metal dish wall clock.

It’s because of the Amazon listing that they carry bar-codes on the reverse but they are no longer listed on there.

“limited edition wall clocks production will never exceed #200”
24cm steel wall clock ~ rear view detail by Carishei
24cm steel wall clock ~ rear view detail by Carishei

These wall clocks are a limited edition. On the reverse is the issue serial number from time of production which will never exceed #200 and likely will not even come close to this number.

Currently a new clock is released every couple of months only and Each example is unique in it’s design.

Some have canal art decoration to the rear although naturally this can’t be seen in use. The battery might need changing after three years or so (depending on quality) so you might see it then.

“each example is unique in it’s design”
Pie dish clock image
Hand-painted 24 cm enameled steel “Pie Dish” in black by Carishei ~ Sold

The frontal decoration varies in design where the centre section behind the hands can feature roses, daisies, forget-me-nots or some other traditional canal decorations.

Previous clocks have all been photographed. These pictures are checked each time a new one is started to ensure there is no duplication.

The hands themselves can also vary in style and colour.  The hour numbers are equally of a wide variety. Some clocks carry the decoration through to the numbers where flowers are used to pick out some or all of them.

“the centre hole proved very problematic”
green wall clock image
Hand-painted 24 cm enameled steel “Pie Dish” wall clock in green by Carishei ~ Sold

With these plates already proving popular in their own right, at first I thought it would be a great idea to add a clock given that they were already round!

The parts were readily available but as John discovered, even with his trusty pillar-drill the centre hole proved very problematic.

The plates are enameled steel and enamel is glass, not ideal for drilling!

The resultant damage is filled and smoothed before any preparation for painting begins. Consequently the centres have a degree of design variety too. This camouflages any imperfections from the filling and sanding.

At least a couple of wall clocks are in production at any given time and at least one is completed every few months.

While the one’s featured here have long-since sold already, if any are currently available you can view them in our special “Online Wall Clock Section.”

Any questions or comments on these or our other canalware? Please use the box below and I’ll try to answer as soon as possible…

Etsy Reviews:

Limited Edition Unique Large Hand-Painted 24cm Metal Canalware Dish Wall ClockElizabeth on 07 Jan, 2016 – Well wrapped, posted quickly. My mum loves her new clock.


Limited Edition Unique Large Hand-Painted 24cm Metal Canalware Dish Wall ClockIan Gowers on 07 Sep, 2014 – This delightful clock, beautifully painted in the traditional canal art form, keeps perfect time and is much admired and the sellers are to be praised for producing these eminently collectible pieces of art work.

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